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Welcome to Dr. Jennifer's Secret Web

This is my home on the web to share my BDSM adventures.
Scroll down for the "About Me" Section. Or Just Browse My Pictures.

I guess I am a MILF Pain Slut Bondage Whore Hotwife who likes to be used and live out a few fantasies.  There is no charge for anything on this site...... Even me.

Be warned proceeding past this page will expose you to naked graphics bondage and fetish pictures of me. If you are under 21 years old - -    click here =>>  

A Quick Bit About Me

I am the married girl next door who voluneers, keeps up a clean house, cares for others and is the consumate housewife ..............................................................

But, I am also a woman who has pictures of me holding my legs apart for a strange man to flog my pussy... Hard..  Very Hard.. And I

asked for more.

Welcome to the complixity of Dr. Jennifer's Secret.

I had my first BDSM experience in college. I floated in and out of the scene over the years but became heavily involved 15 years ago with my husband Coiled Tesla. 

Since then I enjoy scenes with a multitude of people, being photographed and being in home videos. 

I only play for fun and do not do this for money (unless you are Insex, Wasteland or the like).

I still do like BDSM play with select people. Mainly this site is to share my pictuers and videos over the years.  Most of the pictures are with many great Doms over the years. Too many to mention but I thank you all.

I still model on occasion and hope to keep playing for a few more years.

You can find me on Fetlife.Com as OneWhitePigeon.